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TK1981 - High polished (no plating) Stainless Steel Necklace with No Stone


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Category: Necklace

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: High polished (no plating)

Center Stone Type: No Stone

Center Stone Name:

Center Stone Color: No Stone

Weight (approx): 13.16 (g)

A necklace with a high-polished, stainless steel pendant that does not feature any stones. The pendant is hexagonal in shape and displays an intricate, geometric pattern that closely resembles a maze or labyrinth design, with a stylized yin-yang symbol at the center. The yin-yang adds a philosophical or spiritual element to the piece, indicating balance or unity between opposing forces. The pendant is attached to a matching stainless steel chain, which is a cube link style, known for its durability and shine. The overall aesthetic is modern and minimalist, without gemstones emphasizing the sleekness of the metal and the complexity of the cut-out pattern within the pendant. This piece could appeal to those who appreciate contemporary jewelry designs with symbolic meaning.

  • Model:TK1981-20
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